Cara Heuser on Pole Dancing

A Maternal Fetal Medicine physician whose passion is POLE DANCING?
Cara Heuser
Huh? Yup. You read that correctly.

In this show, episode #4, I chat it up with Cara Heuser, a high-risk Obstetrician in Salt Lake City, Utah whose passion is pole dancing – more specifically, using pole fitness and pole dance to exercise but also to express herself and find some deeper meaning in that expression.

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Okay. Do I have your attention now? Ha! You will not want to miss this episode. Trust me. Oh, and that picture on the right? That’s Cara!

During this episode …

  • Cara and I talk about strip clubs (briefly)
  • Cara explains the difference between pole dancing and pole fitness.
  • We discuss sexuality/sensuality and fitness.
  • How being an Ob/GYN with a passion for pole dancing actually makes sense.
  • Why Cara has chose to not make pole dancing her career.
  • Cara’s take on Do What You Love | Love What You Do
  • How Cara suggests uncovering your passion.

More About Cara

Cara stumbled across pole dance in 2010 while searching for a new form of fitness and was immediately hooked. In her non-pole life, she is a high-risk OB doctor and mother. Her favorite thing about pole is the shoes and sequins. She also finds the friendship and fitness benefits to be numerous. 

Links Discussed In This Episode

  1. Saturday Chores – a Tumblr blog set up by a pro-choice husband/wife team from Raleigh, N.C.
  2. Why It’s OKAY To Say (& Write) The Word Vagina – my blog post about … vaginas.
  3. United Pole Artists
  4. SALT Dance and Pole on Facebook – Cara’s dance troop.
  5. Cara’s personal Facebook page.

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She is my OB! She is amazing and she is good at what she does!! Love her individuality! Simply put, she is a great person and is allowed to do whatever she wants in her free time!