Are You Having Fun?

Are you having fun?

Think about it for a second before you answer. Are you (really) having fun? Are you getting the most out of life? Are you taking time to enjoy the small things?

I try to always have fun – not at the expense of others – but my thought is that if you are not having fun, why bother? I realize there are times when, as an adult, we have to do “less than fun” things. I get that. But, for the most part, I think more people could use a bit of fun in their lives.

Below is a short video of one way I have fun. It’s a 2 minute, 24 second video of me and Kristina in a “Baby Got Back” Dance-Off with her sister and her new husband at their wedding. Now that is fun, right? (Note: That’s me in the tux/bowtie and Kristina in the black dress).

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DJ Waldow