My New Definition of Success


If you have not yet heard of University of Michigan freshman basketball player, Austin Hatch (pictured above hugging Coach Beilien), now is the time to get to know him.

Be sure to bring out your kleenex when you watch a clip of SC Featured – Miraculous: The Austin Hatch Story and/or read this recent ESPN article.

Long story short, Austin has survived not one, but two, airplane crashes — crashes that claimed the lives of five family members – including his mother and father.

Both the video and the article details Austin’s unbelievable story of survival and perseverance. Both are worth the watch and read, respectively.

The ESPN article focused more on the relationship between Austin and his father Stephen. You see, Stephen was always teaching his children about life. About how to be unique or “uncommon” as he said. As a father, the lessons Stephen taught Austin and his siblings have really stuck with me. They’ve caused me to pause, to reflect, to think about what kind of father I am to my two smart, beautiful children.

However, one part of the ESPN article that really stood one was Stephen Austin’s definition of success:

“When you are loved by family and friends, admired by your peers, using your talents constructively, and consistently contributing to improving civilization.”

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

That’s it, right? That is the definition of success.

N0t fortune. Not fame. But … what Stephen Hatch said.

As announced last week, I’m officially back on the job market. In the months leading up to that blog post, I’ve been thinking … reflecting. I’ve been trying to put into words my definition of success. Again, it’s not money. It’s not popularity.

Success is when you are loved by family and friends.
Success is when you are admired by your peers.
Success is when you use your talents constructively.
Success is when you are consistently contributing to improving civilization.

Thanks Stephen Hatch.

How would you define success? Please share in the comments below.