Chris Rosati on Making People Smile

I once beat today’s guest in a footrace outside of Tyler’s Taproom in Durham, NC. Shortly after said race (which I won, of course), I pulled my hamstring.
Chris Rosati
That guy, and today’s Episode #6 guest, is Mr. Chris Rosati.

Chris’s PASSION is simple: Making people smile.

However, as you’ll hear once you hit the play button, his passion is deeper than just smiles. Chris wants to help make the world a better place by facilitating acts of kindness. 

And boy is he doing both. I dare you to not smile while listening to this – the longest episode in the (short) history of Living Your Passion. Chris oozes passion. And, as you’ll hear, at age 43, he’s figured out a way to turn his passion into something that will positively impact millions of human beings.

In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page.

Are you ready to get INSPIRED?

During this episode …

  • Chris shares about what makes him awesome (hint: not what you’d expect).
  • Chris talks about how much time he has left to live – and how this lead him to uncover his passion.
  • Chris tells us why we need to NOT WAIT.
  • We sling arounds compliments and insults (in good fun, of course).
  • Chris shares his take on #IceBucketChallenge – the best, yes the BEST take I’ve heard on this topic.
  • I do a better job talking less and listening more – ha!

More About Chris

Father, husband, friend. founder of Inspire MEdia. Making the most of every day and trying to make a difference. Find out more on Twitter.

Links Discussed In This Episode

  1. Chris on CBS This Morning (Feb ’14)
  2. Chris on CBS News (Aug ’14) – MUST read article and MUST see video
  3. Inspire MEdia Network – Chris’s non-profit
  4. Inspire MEdia Network on Facebook

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Dawn Kibbey
Dawn Kibbey

I am smiling Chris! I'm an elementary school art/ music teacher in MI and have just been diagnosed with MS and have been looking for my passion for awhile. I have been raising money for an MS walk and it is helping me with my own disease. Thanks for giving me hope and moving me closer to finding my purpose! Have a great rest of your life! And I know you are :)


Awesome post, thank you Chris and DJ!