Get Her Elected

Hey there! DJ Waldow here.

I flew from California to Washington, D.C. in January of 2017 to participate in the Women’s March. I spent much of 2017 complaining about Donald Trump. Who he is … what he says … what he tweets … none of it is normal. In fact, it’s dangerous.

But complaining on Twitter and Facebook and to anyone who will listen doesn’t really create change. Even attempting to start a dialogue with your liberal-turned-Trump-loving father is not all that effective. So in 2018, I decided to make a few changes.

2018 is all about ACTION.

One of those “actions” is helping progressive women — like YOU — get elected!

Who is DJ Waldow?

According to my Twitter bio … Marketing | Writing | Content Creating. Creative. Passionate. Human | @umich alum | LOVE beer, coffee, people & a good smell | #HashtagAddict | Giphy Master

Professionally speaking, I am the Chief Experience Maker at 3LTRZ*.

I have lived in the marketing world for the past 15+ years. Email. Social. Video. Books. eBooks. Blog Posts. Articles. Podcasts. Tweets. Long-form. Short-form. Medium-form. You name it, I’ve likely created it.

20% strategy, 80% execution.

That’s the 3LTRZ model. I am a doer, a “shipper.” While strategy is critical, most companies fail on execution. Those who get ahead — especially when it comes to content creation — do. They execute. They ship.

If you need marketing help, I am your guy! I promise everyone involved will have some fun along the way.

I am a husband (of 11+ years), a father (of 4, including twins), and a lover of beer, coffee, and people — in no particular order. Oh, and I am a HUGE Michigan fan, mostly hoops and football. #GOBLUE. I’m also known to overuse the #Hashtag and have recently proclaimed myself a “giphy master.”

Check out some of my “greatest hits” (aka, content creation samples). Also, you can learn more about me on the following platforms:

*3LTRZ: All 4 of our children have 3-letter names!

In short, I would love to help get YOU elected. Let’s chat.