Hitha Palepu on Helping Everyone Pack Faster and Live Better

Today’s guest, Hitha Paleupa (#38), is a Social Butterfly Guy email subscriber. It turns out one of my Waldow Weekly WhazzupDATES started a conversation that led to this recording.



Hitha’s passion: Helping everyone pack faster and live better

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Are you ready to learn more about Hitha’s passion for helping everyone pack faster and live better?

During this episode …

  • Hitha talked about how she’s been traveling ever since she was a baby (first flight at 6 months old) – every two years they’d travel to India to see family.
  • Hitha shared her vivid memory of how her mom would methodically pack for all trips – lay the suitcases out, get “special treats” to bring, and more!
  • We talked about this scene from Slumdog Millionaire.
  • Hitha shared how Hitha on the Go turned from a “hobby blog” to a full-time business.
  • Hitha shared how she does “one-on-one” packing sessions … via Skype. Cool, right?
  • We chatted about how Hitha’s “packing mistakes” led her to her starting a business about how to pack – a niche I’d argue she now owns!
  • We discussed our biggest gripes in hotels: Mine – why is the beer in the wet bar not free? Hitha’s – power outlet placement … sucks!
  • Hitha shared her thoughts on “Do What You Love | Love What You Do.”
  • We learned Hitha is pregnant (6 months when we recorded this; close to 8 when this episode goes live!)

More About Hitha

According to Twitter, Hitha is … an entrepreneur. writer. traveler. wife. mama-to-be. eagles fan. taco lover. always down for a dance party. Want to learn more about Hitha? Check out her About page.

Links Discussed In This Episode

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