Matt White on Facial Hair and Mens Grooming

I was introduced to today’s guest (#41), Matt White, through a video.


But this was not just any video. It was a video about Matt … and his facial hair. The more I chatted with Matt, the more I full understood – and appreciated – his … obsession … with facial hair.

Matt’s passion (of course!): facial hair and mens grooming.

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Are you ready to learn more about Matt’s passion for facial hair and mens grooming?

During this episode …

  • I shared how I was introduced to Matt … and his facial hair.
  • Matt described – in great detail – what his beard looked like on the day of the recording.
  • Matt shared how he was the only human ever born with a full beard (kidding, of course!).
  • Matt talked about how he has really always been fascinated with facial hair – how he could “hardly wait” to have a beard like his brother, twelve years his senior. And how he would sometimes dream about having a beard, only to wake up in the morning … disappointed with his hair-less face.
  • I told the story of my father’s 80s style beard (which he grew in the 80s, of course). My sister and I freaked out when he shaved his facial hair!
  • Matt shared how his passion/obsession with facial hair turned into a business.
  • I compared Matt to Pai Mei (from the movie Kill Bill) – see pic.
  • I suggested Matt partner up with Duluth Trading.

More About Matt

Matt is the founder and creator of Sussex Beard Oil, a company who sells beard oil, beard soap, (t-shirts!), and other facial hair related products. Follow Matt and his beard on Twitter.

Links Discussed In This Episode

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