My Out of Office Auto-Responder

Out of OfficeFor some reason lately, I’ve been borderline obsessed with out of office auto-responders.

As I wrote in last Friday’s Waldow Social Weekly email newsletter,

I think – for the most part – the traditional “I will be out of the office until [insert date here]. I will have limited access to email while I’m gone. In case of an emergency …” email is dead.

After all, other than when we are hiking in the woods, canoeing to a remote island, or on Mars, we are really never more than a few clicks away from being connected. Know what I mean?

I still think it’s a good idea to create an out of office email alert, especially if you plan on replying at a slower pace. However, if you are going to send people an auto-responder saying that you are “out,” at least make it fun, right?

Making Your Out of Office Email Auto-Responder Unique

I decided to take my own advice about creating a “fun” out office auto-responder fun. So, before heading to Cabo last week, I decided I’d do just that. But, instead of writing my own, I asked my friend Gini Dietrich to do it for me. After all, along with Ann Handley (read Ann’s latest here), Gini writes some of the funniest, most creative out of office auto-responders. I mean, her last one was a video!

So, without further ado, I bring you … my out of office auto-responder from last week (as written by Gini Dietrich):

It’s snowmageddon in the central part of the country, Arizona had to cancel a PGA Tournament because Mother Nature is so confused, and I’m in Cabo.

First things first, it’s my birthday so if your message is urgent (and I mean, the place is burning down…literally), you must tell me so, but also include your best birthday wish to motivate me to respond during my vacation. Videos, audio notes, and photos are all accepted.

Because Cabo is one of the most expensive trips I’ll ever take (but don’t realize it yet because Gini Dietrich wrote this and she says it’s second behind Telluride), I will not have access to my phone, the part that sends and receives calls, until March 4. BUT you may see me on Instagram, Facebook, and Vine for the sheer purpose of documenting our trip. I can use the resort’s free WiFi for that.

I wish you a very sunny week that is empty of emergencies and burning down buildings. I’ll get back to you when I return tan and relaxed.

Kinda funny, right? If you loved it, be sure to tell Gini. You can either tweet her (or contact her here).

Your Turn

Do you have a really good (or really bad) out of office auto-responder you’d like to share? If so, drop it into this form.

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