Julie Neumark on Communication

Julie Neumark. Episode #7. Boom.

Julie Neumark Hug

When I first asked Julie to be on the podcast, I thought her passion was going to be music. It turns out, her passion is much broader than just music. In fact, music and songwriting/song performing is just a small part of her passion.

Julie’s “not-so-sexy” (her words) PASSION, in one word: COMMUNICATION.

When I asked Julie to expand on her passion, she said she loves connecting people through communication.”

In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page.

Oh, and one more thing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture on the right. It was taken moments after Julie got married to her partner, Holly. Julie confessed that, like both past #LYPPodcast guest Chris Rosati and I, she married up!

One more (more) thing. I could not pick my favorite Julie picture. Here are two more I really liked – her Facebook profile picture  and an oldie, but a goodie.

During this episode …

  • Julie shares how she started speaking at very very young age.
  • Julie talks about being a communicator since she was a young girl.
  • Julie shared her background on theater and music writing / producing / performing.
  • We talk about why the sound quality of this episode is so kick ass.
  • We discussed all the ways Julie communicates as well as her favorite form of communication.
  • I drank a beer.
  • We have a freaking really good time!

More About Julie

Content Strategist, Social Media Marketeer, Brand Storytelling Believer, Songwriting Addict, Wine Enthusiast, Avid Laugher. Find out more on Twitter.

Links Discussed In This Episode

  1. Email or E-mail – Julie “songed me.”
  2. Song: “Nobody Wants to Get [Email] Blasted” – Julie’s Marketo blog post post
  3. Gotta Get Lead Generation [Music Video] – first ever original video around email marketing (I think). And if you want to see me do a leapfrog, fast-forward to 2:51.
  4. Why It’s OKAY To Say (& Write) The Word Vagina
  5. The Vagina Song – a Julie Neumark original
  6. Simon Sinek’s TED Talk – Finding Your Why
  7. Julie’s personal (song) site.
  8. Julie’s Tumblr site.

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