Katy Widrick on Active Living

Katy Widrick (guest #42) and I first exchanged emails on December 19, 2010 (and I have the original email!).


We had just met each other in person in Tampa, Florida after Jason Keath’s kick ass event, Social Fresh (check out Jason’s new podcast, Social Toolkit).

A lot has changed since then. We both are parents. I’ve had a few jobs. And Katy is now really, truly living her passion.

Katy’s passion: Active Living.

In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page.

Are you ready to learn more about Katy’s passion for active living?

During this episode …

  • We talked about how we met over 5 years ago at Social Fresh Tampa … and all the lasting connections we made at that event. NETWORKING!
  • We chatted about poop, boobs, diapers, and babies (of course).
  • Katy shared how she was someone who lived actively for most of her life — but also got into bad habits (eating more, exercising less, etc).
  • Katy talked about the “turning point” in her life (her “ah-ha” moment), 7 years ago, when she realized she needed to (once again) live a more active life.
  • Katy shared her 2nd “ah-ha” moment … when she realized it was less about weight and more about health and fitness – building strength, getting more flexible, etc.
  • We connected passion to fitness. Love it!
  • I sang (rapped?) a bit. You may want to fast-forward that part. Ha.
  • Katy advised people to “open their mind” … try new things … put yourself out there!
  • We talked about P90X (Katy has done it 3 times – crazy).
  • We did 10 pushups (with good form, of course) – at the end of the show!

More About Katy

Emmy-nominated producer @GROWINGBOLDER | blogger @HuffPost | #Fitfluential | #ZeroLimits | wife @nighthops | mama @BugChild | AFAA-certified | PiYo Strength. Follow Katy on Twitter.

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