Kerry O’Shea Gorgone on Learning About People Through Interviews (Podcasting)

Back to back podcasters on Living Your Passion? YOU KNOW IT!

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Earlier this week I chatted with John Lee Dumas. Today (Episode #17) is Kerry O’Shea Gorgone.

Kerry is a self-proclaimed geek, baker of chocolate chip cookies, lawyer, a wife, a mom (of two adorable boys), an employee at MarketingProfs, and a podcaster! While she loves her family – and her job – her true passion is learning about people through interviews (podcasting).

Oh, and see that picture of Kerry (look to your right (or down))? That’s the outfit she mentioned during this podcast!

Finally, wait till you hear the audio good audio (just like the Julie Neumark and John Lee Dumas episodes).

In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page.

Are you ready to get LEARNED on how to interview/podcast?

During this episode …

  • Kerry gave one of the best intros of “who she is” I’ve ever heard.
  • We discussed our mutual LOVE for talking with other people. A love I also share with my mother-in-law
  • I shared my thoughts on the best female podcast voice of all time – KERRY!
  • Kerry talked about “the podcast voice” and gives some tips on how to sound better.
  • Kerry shared even more interview tips – specifically how to ask a question and then let the guest answer (not my strength. ha!)
  • We discussed editing (note: I don’t do it either of my podcasts!).
  • We talked about my contractor laying tile (not a euphemism!).
  • I admit Kerry may be the female version of me!
  • We did a “speed round” of questions that mutual friend (and Kerry’s boss!) Ann Handley asked on Facebook. Thanks Ann!

More About Kerry

Speaker, Lawyer, Writer, Podcaster. Work for @MarketingProfs. Write for Social Media Explorer, Huffington Post, Spin Sucks, {grow} blog, Mack Collier & more. Find out more on Twitter.

Links Discussed In This Episode


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Thanks so much for having me on, DJ! I love the stories your other guests have shared. Proud to be among them now!



DJ LOVE the point about asking a great question and SHUTTING UP!  This is a pet peeve of mine, there's a local sports talk show I listen to sometimes on the radio and the co-host is terrible about this.  He asks the guest a question then immediately ANSWERS the question, then asks it again.  Which leaves the guest responding with 'Yeah, I agree with everything you just said'!  Kerry is an amazing podcaster and one of the reasons why is because she asks the question and then lets the guest answer, in other words she puts the spotlight on the guest.  Love that about Marketing Smarts! 


Thanks so much, Mack! As always, you're very kind. Incidentally, I love your podcast, The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!

djwaldow moderator

@MackCollier EXACTLY Mack. She's one of the best. I am ... learning ... ha!


Kerry does have an amazing voice. I had a chance to see and chat with her at Type A conference recently and she truly is a great person. Keep up the good work with the podcast. You are introducing me to some great and passionate people. 

djwaldow moderator

@lucrecer I know, right? So glad you got to meet Kerry! She's pretty awesome. And THANK you for your kind words about the podcast. Means a TON to me. If you have 30 sec, I'd LOVE a rating/review!  Deets:


Thanks so much, Lucrecer! I loved meeting you at Type A. Hope to see you again soon. :)