Living Your Passion: The Book

From Podcast to Book Logo

I launched a new project today.

Thanks to a [very] strong nudge from my buddy Jason Zook, I’m going to take the next 30 days to turn my podcast – Living Your Passion – into a book. A real book. One that I can sell on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other places where books are sold.

Why not, right?

To keep me on track, force me to be accountable, and to … well … journal the process, I’ve created a new website called (you guessed it), From Podcast to Book. As you’ll read on that page (go there now!), I’m going to detail the 30-day process through a daily video blog (vlog!). Each day, I’ll share what I’m working on … what I’m struggling with … what’s working / not working … and more!

You’ll get an inside glimpse into how I’m turning my podcast into a book – in 30 days (or less)!

If all goes well … I will:

  • Make a billion dollars selling the book.
  • Take my “lessons learned” from the process of turning my podcast into a book and launch a new business (that makes a billion dollars).

If either of those happened, I’d be thrilled. But in this case, I’m taking my own advice: High hopes and low expectations. I hope both of the above happen, but I will not be disappointed if they don’t.

Again, my goal of this project is simple (and very attainable): Go from concept to book in 30 days (or less).

I’d love it if you’d join me for the ride. Head on over to From Podcast to Book now to learn more (and subscribe)!

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