My New 3 Favorite Podcasts

Hi. My name is DJ Waldow and I’m a podcaster.

I know that sounds a bit hokey. Trust me, it’s kinda weird to even write. However, after recording, editing, and publishing over 120 episodes of 3 different podcasts, I think it’s about time to say … I AM A PODCASTER (HEAR ME ROAR)!

I love podcasting.

But I have a dirty little secret.


I don’t really listen to podcasts.

I always get a bit squeamish when someone asks me what my favorite podcast is. It’s a tough question to answer when you don’t listen to podcasts. Ha!

However, much like I can now (openly) proclaim, “I am a podcaster.” I can also now (openly) say, “I am a podcast listener.”

As I was getting ready to launch my latest podcast, Living Your Passion, I immersed myself in podcasts. Three of them jumped out at me as … well … pretty freaking awesome.

So, without further ado …

My New 3 Favorite Podcasts

(in alphabetical order)

  • Invisible Office Hours – hosted by Jason SurfrApp and Paul Jarvis
  • The Marketing Lifestyle Show – hosted by Amy Schmittauer
  • Quotes on Fire – hosted by John Lee Dumas

Let’s get into the details of each podcast … as well as why I think it’s awesome (and worth your time to listen to!).

Invisible Office Hours

Description (iTunes): Invisible Office Hours is a weekly podcast for people that aren’t confined to a literal office or that aren’t confined by conventional thinking. Hosted by Jason SurfrApp and Paul Jarvis the show covers a wide range of topics that all touch on aligning your thinking with your journey, and dealing with the bumps along the way. Topics include criticism, selling out, positivity and the show airs every Tuesday for the first season!

Why I subscribed: Jason is the man. He’s a smart guy. A good human being. Creative. Helpful. Funny. Now, that’s not to say Paul Jarvis is not any of those adjectives. I just don’t know him other than listening to a few episodes. Ha! I’m sure Paul possesses a few of those attributes as well as many other awesome ones.

Which episodes I’ve listened to: I’m bouncing around a bit. I started with “Selling Out” (episode 6), moved to “Anger” (episode 7), and currently have “Positivity” on the docket.

Why I love Invisible Office Hours: First and foremost, I’m loving the topics. Jason and Paul batted around the topic of “selling out” and really broke down the good and bad. I found myself nodding along, empathizing, laughing, smiling, thinking, and more. The other episode I listened to was “Anger.” Wow. Amazing conversation. I actually took away a few things that have had an immediate impact on who I am as a human being. You’ll have to listen to learn more! The other thing that makes this podcast kick ass? The rapport between Jason and Paul. Even though they live over 3,000 miles away, thanks to technology (Skype video!), it feels as if they are in the same room.

Bottom LineIf you want to learn a few things about life and be entertained, SUBSCRIBE. Visit their podcast site, download on iTunes, or listen on Soundcloud.

Bonus: Jason (back when his last name was HeadsetsDotCom), was a past guest on The Work Talk Show (Episode 49).

The Marketing Lifestyle Show

Description (iTunes)Amy Schmittauer from Savvy Sexy Social is the founder and host of The Marketing Lifestyle Show. Marketing is not a department. It’s a lifestyle. Join Amy as she talks with the people who know best how to help you adjust your mindset and give actionable advice around selling yourself and your business.

Why I subscribed: Two words: Amy. Schmittauer. Like Jason, Amy was also a past guest on The Work Talk Show (3 episodes before Jason’s aired and almost a year before this post went live!). Amy is best known as the Founder of Savvy Sexy Social, “your marketing lifestyle blog.” So it only makes sense she’d have a podcast along the same lines. Amy has an incredible talent with video – check out her YouTube channel. I’m one of her 18,000+ YouTube subscribers and account for several dozen of her nearly 1,000,000 views. Her videos routinely get over 1,000 views each. Her May 1, 2014 video announcing The Marketing Lifestyle Show dragged in nearly 8,000 views. WOW! So why did I subscribe to her podcast? I just knew Amy would bring it as strong via audio-only as she does via video. And she did; she has.

Which episodes I’ve listened toCanva Evangelist Guy Kawasaki on Never Having Imposter Syndrome. Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, not only has Guy Kawasaki never experienced Imposter Syndrome, he admitted on the show that he’d never heard of it. The exchange between Amy and Guy? Priceless. While I didn’t listen to the this episode – Passionate Podcaster DJ Waldow on Living Your Passion – I was the guest. That has to at least “half-count” right?

Why I love The Marketing Lifestyle Show: Amy is a pretty straight shooter. She has personality. She has zest (is that a thing?). She is funny. She is smart. She does not mess around. The question and conversations are insightful and human. While I’m sure Amy prepares for her guests, her tone is casual and conversational. And the lightening round of questions (or is it called “rapid fire?”) at the end are super-entertaining. I promise you’ll catch yourself smiling – maybe even laughing – during Amy’s show. And finally, I love that her guests tend to be people I’ve never heard of. Cool.

Bottom Line: Amy gets her guests talking. That’s always a good thing (assuming you have interesting guests, which Amy does). She is a natural. SUBSCRIBE: Check out Amy’s blog – the TMLS category, of course. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes … Stitcher RadioPlayerFM (and I’m sure a few other places).

Bonus: Amy once recorded an original video for my old company, Waldow Social: How to Keep Your Email List So Fresh & So Clean. Even if you are not an email marketing person, it’s worth 3 min, 23 sec of your life (hint: Amy raps and chair dances).

Quotes on Fire

Description (iTunes)John Lee Dumas shares a quote from history’s greatest Entrepreneur’s 7-days a week, and a killer resource! Make sure to check out for resources mentioned and to sign up on the Newsletter to receive the eBook: The Top 8 Productivity Tools to Save you Time and Money!

Why I subscribed: Simple. I have a mini #ManCrush on John. I’m okay admitting that. I mean John is no Justin Timberlake – who I publicly admitting to having a crush on 4+ years ago – but heck, who is? JT is one of a kind. However, JLD, is a cool cat. I’ve never met John in person. That being said, I’ve never met Jason, Paul, or Amy in person either. So there. John just seems like the kind of guy who has a plan and goes out and makes it happen. That’s not to say he doesn’t have failures along the way. He just always seems to be moving forward. John is best known for his “Best of iTunes 2013” podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, a 7-day per week show where he interviews “today’s most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs.” Not many people can make a living podcasting, but John has figured out a way. Through courses, workshops, one-on-one coaching, EoFire Swag, webinars … and sponsorships (check out the list!), John has built a empire – or Fire Nation, as he calls it. There are not many people as dedicated to podcasting as John Lee Dumas. As a fellow podcaster (see intro above), I HAD to check out John’s show.

Which episodes I’ve listened to: All of them. Yup. While I have yet to listen to Entrepreneur on Fire, I subscribed to, then binged on Quotes on Fire. One hour-long car ride and 22 episodes later and I was hooked. I even pulled over my car 3x during my drive to take notes. True story.

Why I love Quotes on Fire: I’ve actually never been much of a quote guy. While I love Yoda’s famous “Do. Or do not. There is no try” (watch video clip), I’m just not that into quotes. John Lee Dumas’s Quotes on Fire may just have converted me into a lover of quotes. Each episode is short and sweet – very digestible. A short intro is followed by John’s “What’s shaking Fire Nation” <–Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes. It’s hokey. Yes. I love it! Then John dives right in. He reads the quote once – or a few times depending on how long it is – then breaks it down in his own words. This is the part I love the most. It’s cool hearing how someone else (John, in this case) interprets a quote. John often adds a personal anecdote so listeners can relate. Finally, he closes with a “killer resource.” This is the only part of the show I have not been super-impressed with yet as many of the resources are ones I am quite familiar with (Google, Google apps, Evernote, etc). However, I also have and Workflow (I think that’s what it’s called but can’t seem to find it!) on my short list of “learn more about.”

Bottom Line: John FREAKING Lee Dumas. Or is it John Lee FREAKING Dumas? Either way, I love the guy. More importantly, I love his podcast(s). If you want bite-sized nuggets … well quotes … and want to be left feeling inspired, this is your show. SUBSCRIBE! Learn more about John Lee Dumas, subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and more!

Bonus: If all goes as planned, John will be a future guest on Living Your Passion, talking about … his passion! Any guesses what that may be? Hint: It’s NOT podcasting.

Your Turn

What are your 3 favorite podcasts and why? Please share in the comments below. Better yet, write a blog post. If you do blog about your favs, be sure link back here (or let me know in some other way, like tagging it #Fav3Podcasts) so I can read and then share!

Finally, if you’ve listened to Invisible Office Hours, The Marketing Lifestyle Show, and/or Quotes on Fire … what are your thoughts?


@pjrvs you are more than welcome, Paul. Hope to meet you soon so I can add some face-to-face adjectives. Ha!

John Lee Dumas
John Lee Dumas

WOW, great article and thank you for the kind mention...I am honored! #blush

djwaldow moderator

@John Lee Dumas Thanks JLM. My comments were well-deserved. Blushing, huh? Gonna need picture/video proof of that. Ha!


It's funny that this came up in my feed b/c since you and I have been talking about podcasts, and since I recorded an interview for a friend's podcast last week (as the interviewer ...), I have been thinking about how rarely I listen to podcasts. I am still (dinosaur I know) using an old fashioned iPod so I have to download them .... and I really only listen to them during cooldowns from runs (as opposed to actual runs). That makes my podcast time limited! But I am always up for a new blog topic so I will write about podcasts (even though I don't think I can even identify three I would consider "top") because, clearly, I do pretty much whatever you suggest. ;-) 

djwaldow moderator

@biggreenpen Ha. Love that comment! Why don't you listen to podcasts WHILE running?


@djwaldow @biggreenpen I used to listen to podcasts while running (or audiobooks) when I was training for a half marathon and the training runs were truly long and slow (slower than usual for me and I'm already a slow runner). I like something super pounding and fast paced for motivation when I run.  Believe it or not I have written about that (LOL ... no produce involved though):  and I also use "Rock My Run" which has playlists set to certain BPMs ... I wasn't using it when I wrote this post but it's an almost constant go-to now.