Living Your Passion – My New Podcast – Is LIVE!

I could not be more excited to announce my new podcast, Living Your Passion, is now LIVE!

Here is the short description: Do you live to work or do you work to live? Are you passionate about what you do? DJ Waldow (that’s me!) chats with everyday people about their passion – their path to getting there and how they maintain it. Learn how you can find – and LIVE – your passion.

If you’re interested in a bit of the backstory on how this podcast came to be, check out why I quit my job in early June 2014 as well as how I’ve been going about rediscovering my passion.

Once you are caught up, it’s time to dig in! There are many options to be sure you never miss an episode:

*If you are not interested in subscribing, you can still listen to all of the episodes by checking back here frequently.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, and Episodes #0 (show intro with me blabbing for a few minutes), #1 (Jeff Sheldon on Designing Physical Products) and #2 (Nate Bagley on Love) are all now live! JUMP IN!