Some Thoughts on Rediscovering Your Passion

The original title to this blog post was:

A Pretty Darn Good Hint At What I’m Announcing On November 3rd, 2014

But then I thought that title would be too long … and too … well … too something. Ha!

So anyway …

If you’ve been following along on this blog for the past few months, you know I quit my job in June. You also know I’ve been going through the process of rediscovering my passion. You likely know about my podcast, Living Your Passion.

You may know that I’m announcing my “next big thing” on Monday. I may have mentioned that a few times.

A few weeks ago, I participated in a Twitter chat (#BizHereos) lead by Kelly Hungerford (of 90 Days To Ellen fame) and the amazing team at According to the site, #BizHeroes is an action-packed hour of power tips and knowledge share, featuring topics suggested by you with guest hosts from the community.

It was fast. It was furious. My fingers (and head) hurt after 60 minutes. But most importantly, I talked about rediscovering my passion.

Below is the kick ass Slideshare deck the team put together. Lots of amazing, super-bite-sized tidbits there. Bonus: If you read closely, you may just be able to guess “my next big thing” launching Monday, November 3rd!


View slides on Slideshare

P.S. If you want to guess what’s coming on Monday, feel free to drop a comment below (public!) or email me.