Warren Waldow: My Funny, Creative, Cool Father

Warren WaldowMy dad’s name is Warren. Yeah. That’s Warren Waldow or Dr. Waldow or Warren Waldow, Jr. I thank him a few times a year for not naming me Warren. I like the name, but think about it. I would have been WWIII. Not the best name to have growing up. Believe me, I struggled enough with Waldow (Think: Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher or of course, Where’s Waldo).

I AM Warren Waldow’s Son

Literally, I am Warren Waldow’s son. I’m also a lot like him.

  • We both have a pretty warped sense of humor and love to laugh.
  • We both have the same space between our front two teeth.
  • We both have blue eyes.
  • We both get bored easily.
  • We are both very much “people people” and overall have a positive outlook on life.

However, we also differ in a few areas.

  • My dad is a pedodontist (aka, children’s dentist). I am the Director of Community for an Email Service Provider, Blue Sky Factory.
  • My dad loves to nap. I haven’t taken a nap in years.
  • My dad reads several books a week. I’m read several blogs an hour.
  • My dad is a grandfather. I’m days away from being a dad.
  • My dad and I don’t always agree on politics, but that’s another story.

My dad has an incredible sense of design, a natural aptitude for creativity, and is not afraid to start a new venture at age 61 (62 next month!).

Which brings me to…

Drama Home Furnishings

Drama. As my dad says, “With drama you can make a real scene.” Officially opening on Saturday, March 20th, 2010, Drama Home Furnishings is a high-end furniture store styled for coastal living. Read more in yesterday’s St. Petersburg Times article.

Needless to say, I am thrilled for my father and his wife Jeannie. It feels a bit weird to say and write this, but I’m also really proud of him. My dad works his tail off. He’s taught me a ton in my life – from being a good person and treating others’ the right way to just being a great dad and wonderful friend. He’s been there for me when I’ve needed advice or to simply vent. If I could pick any dad in the entire world, it would be him … Warren Waldow.

Ok. Enough of the gushy stuff.

Check out the video interview and store walk through I filmed on Super Bowl Sunday, 2010. A few items to look for:

  • My dad’s humor right off the bat (note the dig on my sister, Jenn!), throughout, and at the end. Listen for how many times he laughs.
  • The totally cool store.
  • Cameo by my step-mom, Jeanne.
  • Two employees voluntarily working on a Sunday.
  • Mentions of how he’s using social media (Hint: He isn’t!).
  • His clear passion for furniture, design, his employees, and the store.


Having trouble viewing? Try my Blip.tv channel.

Drama Home Furnishings
596 Indian Rocks Road, Belleair Bluffs
(727) 587-0900
Hours 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

DJ Waldow