11 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to The Work Talk Show

I fully admit that I’m (professionally) stealing the idea for this blog post from Chris Brogan.

I’m pretty sure Chris won’t mind. After all, he once told me “Steal everything. Just give me the occasional credit (like I’ve seen you do).”

Now that we’ve got that out of the way …

My Work Talk Show co-host and I, Mr. Nick Westergaard, would be thrilled if you’d subscribe to our podcast.

What is The Work Talk Show?

Short version: a weekly podcast on how work gets done

Longer version: a weekly podcast featuring a talk show format along with crazy smart guests who operate outside the lines of what work has traditionally looked like. Nick and I have “irreverent and insightful conversations” on work habits, work-shifting, virtual teams, productivity, travel, tools, technology, work-life balance, and everything in between as we take a look at how work gets done today.

11 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to The Work Talk Show

  1. We book guests like Julien Smith who are way smarter than us.
  2. “Because real humans create useful information in a human way.” … so says past guest Chris Brogan.
  3. We interview folks like “time management ninja” Craig Jarrow.
  4. You can learn from experts – people like Peter Shankman – on how they get it done while still having fun.
  5. We sometimes have “special episodes” where we talk about hot topics (and bring back our expert panel of one). Listen to Our View: Yahoo! Ends Telecommuting.
  6. We speak with people like Mitch Joel about the concept of blend (hint: it’s not about work-life balance).
  7. We interview authors such as Guy Kawasaki but don’t necessarily talk about their books.
  8. You will hear from guests like Seth Godin who also have trouble managing their inboxes.
  9. You’ll learn some business/life hacks – such as using Nudgemail to clean out your inbox or John Morgan’s 2-Hour Power Working method.
  10. It can be inspring. As listener David Hildahl tweeted, “I love the unique topic. How people work can be just as inspiring as the work they produce.”
  11. We don’t just talk about work. In an episode with Danielle Smith, we talked a ton about family. When Krista Parry joined us, we talked about our love for the NBC show Parenthood. Jason Falls discussed how parenting and technology work together.

11 reasons. That should be enough, right? Have I convinced you yet?

(I hope)

A Few Ways to Subscribe

Now that you are “sold,” I guess it’s time to learn how to become a regular Work Talk Show listener.

There are many ways to listen to The Work Talk Show. You can …

For those of you who are already regular Work Talk Show listeners … a big ‘ol THANK YOU from both Nick and me.

DJ Waldow
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