DJ Waldow and CalYo! I’m DJ Waldow.Yes, that’s my real name. David Jason if you want to get technical … however, my parents named me “David Jason” so they could call me DJ. I’ve gone by DJ my whole life. It used to be D.J., then – for a very brief period – it was dj. For the past 15 years or so, I’m just DJ.

When I was 6, Van Halen released their Hot For Teacher video on MTV. The nerdy kid? Yeah. His name was Waldow. When I was 11, the first Where’s Waldo? book was released in the United States. However, I’m neither a nerdy kid with glasses in a Van Halen video nor am I hidden in a book (though I do own the “Where You At?” t-shirt).

I’m also not a Disc Jockey. I know very little about music, other than Dr. Dre and Snoop. Ha!

Okay. Now that we have THAT out of the way …

I’ve had quite a “unique” 38+ years on this planet we refer to as Earth. By the numbers:

1: Number of wives I’ve had. Rare in my family. Kristina is her name, OB/GYN is her game. She’s way smarter than me and way better looking. I call her The K-Dawg.

2: Number of podcasts I currently host/co-host. Learn more here.

3: Number of homes we’ve owned. One in Durham, NC. One in Salt Lake City, UT. And our current home in Emerald Hills, CA. As you can imagine, the prices of our homes have increased as we’ve moved cities/states … and the size of our homes have decreased. Ha!

4: The number of jobs I’ve had since 2009. Bronto. Blue Sky Factory. Waldow Social. Marketo. As of June 2014, I’m “rediscovering my passion” (learn more about what this means)

5: The number of my favorite baseball player when I was growing up. Any guesses who? Tweet (or email) me your guess!

6: Total number of letters in our children’s names: Eva (born, March 2010) and Cal (born, June 2013).

7: Most consecutive episodes of Breaking Bad Kristina and I watched during our binge in the Winter of 2014.

8: Number of states I’ve lived in since 1998 (the year I graduated high school). NY, MI, IL, MO, FL, (NY again), NC, UT, CA.

But the one common thread throughout my entire life is my love – and passion – for people.

As the tagline of this blog says, “It’s all about people.” I love meeting new people, connecting with people, growing relationships with people, learning from people, helping people. People. People. People. I also love coffee and beer.

“Great. Now I know about YOU, DJ! Cool. But why should I read and/or subscribe to this blog?” (What you may be thinking right now)

To Read (Subscribe) Or Not To Read (Subscribe)

A good question. A fair question.

The content on this blog will – for the most part – center around people. The good. The not so good. My observations. My insights. Interviews. Chats. Podcasts.

If you are offended by vaginas and penises, this blog may not be for you. If 28-day challenges aren’t your thing, this blog may not be for you.

However, if you’re interested in 9 killer customer services lessons from my (ex)dentist and/or you like smiling, you may want to subscribe. If you want to learn about how I’m rediscovering my passion, you may want to subscribe. If Baby Got Back dance-offs are your thing or you love the word dude like I do, you may want to subscribe. If you like listening to podcasts about how people get work done or how folks do what they love and love what they do, SUBSCRIBE!

Hope that helps. Ha! And to be clear, by subscribing, every time I publish a fresh post, it will be delivered to your inbox. Yippee!

8/18/14 UPDATE: Starting on Wednesday, 8/20, I’m going to be adding The Waldow Weekly WhazzupDATE to the email update mix. The Waldow Weekly WhazzupDATE is a weekly email update (of course) delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. The content will be will be very personal – mostly about my journey process of rediscovering my passion. It is very raw. Very transparent. Very real. Also, the content contained in The Waldow Weekly WhazzupDATE will only live in that email. In other words, it will not be a blog post. It will not be a Facebook update. You will not see it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Nada. Just the email.*

*That being said, I do reserve the right to republish some – or all – of the contents of The Waldow Weekly WhazzupDATE if I want. Ha!

Thanks so much for being here. And if you’ve read (or skimmed) this far, thanks again … and let me know by dropping me a quick tweet or email. Be sure to include the hashtag, #ReadItAll.

Why Social Butterfly Guy?

In high school, my buddy Greg always called me a “Social Butterfly.” I was always bouncing around from one person to the next … being social. Not much has changed since high school. When considering what to name this blog – one that was all about people – my wife suggested SocialButterfly.com. Since it was taken, we added the “guy” on the end and voila!, the blog was launched (on July 14, 2009 – my wife’s birthday!).

Big thanks to Joe Manna who gave it a new skin in August of 2014 – about time!