You Write. I Write. Everybody Writes.

Dear Mom:

Communication — specifically writing — is the single most important skill a business person must have to be successful.*

I’ve done a boatload of writing in my (almost) 39 years on this planet – one published book, hundreds of blog posts/articles, thousands of social media updates, hundreds of thousands of emails, and a gazillion other written words. In fact, if someone held a fork to my face and asked me to tell them the number of words I’ve written over my lifetime, the number would easily fill 30 novels.

However, it was not until Ann Handley finally got around to writing her latest gem, Everybody Writes, did I finally find the book I wish I had read in high school.

What an amazing book. Actionable. Funny. Witty. Well-written (shocker, right?). And more. I’m only 121 pages in and I just had to record this short book review:

Can’t see the video? Try watching directly on YouTube.

In just over a week, I’m announcing my “next big thing.” Suffice to say, I’ll be utilizing much of the advice Ann kindly** doles out. I am wrapping up The Ugly First Draft(s) … aka TUFD(s) … of several pieces of content. Then I’m going to take my cat for a walk. Then I’ll add some polish. Then I’ll hire an editor. And then … publish. Voila!

NOW GO BUY THE DANG BOOK ALREADY. You will thank me. I promise.

P.S. Can you point out other “lessons” I learned – and have implemented in this blog post from Everybody Writes? Drop a comment below and let me know!

*I re-wrote that sentence 4 times.
**kindly is an unnecessary adverb! I ditched it because it didn’t add meaning. See page 98 of Everybody Writes.


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