Greg Hemmings on Connecting People Through Killer Stories

I met Greg Hemmings (guest #43) through a a Facebook Group I’m part of … Marketers with Beards (I’ve since shaved my facial hair, but have not been kicked out of the group yet!).


Greg posted an amazing video to the group of an awesomely-bearded gentlemen named Matt White (who turned out to be a Living Your Passion guest – listen/read here).

Greg is a story teller … a story SHARER, if you will. His medium: Film.

And quite logically, Greg’s passion: Connecting People Through Killer Stories

In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page.

Are you ready to learn more about Greg’s passion for connecting people through killer stories?

During this episode …

  • We talked about several of the past Living Your Passion guests having a common thread (or theme) of people … and why this was the case.
  • Greg shared some details about the new documentary he’s working on: The Millennial Dream.
  • Greg talked about how his documentary is exploring why millennials are more interested in making a positive impact versus just making a high salary.
  • We explored why people are not happy at work.
  • We talked about … what if … everyone was happy.
  • Greg tried to slip in that he lived on a boat in the Caribbean for four years! I did NOT see that coming. Right?
  • Greg talked about all of the cool (film) projects he’s working on – living his passion!
  • I basically told Greg that I’d LOVE to be on a project he’s working on. Ha!

More About Greg

According to Twitter, Greg is a “television producer from Canada that produces a very strange and wonderful set of adventures.” Follow Greg on Twitter.

Links Discussed In This Episode

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