Shawn Sadowski on Helping Entrepreneurs Find Their Career Path

Another guest (#30), another person from the state of Utah (#3).Shawn

I was introduced to today’s Shawn Sadowski, from another friend from Salt Lake City, Kathy Dalton.

Shawn’s passion is similar to past guest Garin Hess … with a twist. Shawn is passionate about helping entrepreneurs find their career path.

In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page.

Are you ready to learn more about how Shawn is living his passion of helping entrepreneurs find their career path?

During this episode …

  • Shawn and I chatted about our mutual Salt Lake City friend, Kathy Dalton.
  • We discuss this “movement” of … well … doing your own thing (aka starting your own company).
  • Shawn shared his belief that companies have no loyalty to their employees (I kinda agree).
  • We both agreed that their is a false sense of security when working at an organization.
  • We referenced a great movie, Field of Dreams.
  • We talked about fear, risk, and doing something AWESOME.
  • We took a tip from my wife – Kristina – and I asked Shawn to explain a bit more about how he uncovered his passion … and boy did he #SetTheBarHigh
  • I teased Shawn about editing (Hint: I RARELY edit the show!).
  • I rapped Ice Ice Baby (a bit) … again!

More About Shawn

Experienced entrepreneur and executive with a demonstrated track record of leadership in a variety of challenging business environments, ranging from new venture development and profit maximization to market entry and growth. Learn more about Shawn on LinkedIn.

Links Discussed In This Episode

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