Aaron Walker on Helping Men Reach Their Full Potential And Find Their Identity

Thanks to an email introduction from future Living Your Passion guest, Matt Miller, I was fortunate enough to chat with Aaron Walker, today’s guest … #35!

Aaron reminds me a lot of me … but WAY smarter and more seasoned. Ha!

Aaron Walker

Aaron’s passion: Helping men reach their full potential and find their identity

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Are you ready to learn more about Aaron’s passion for helping men reach their full potential and find their identity?

During this episode, Aaron …

  • Expanded on what it means to help a man reach their full potential.
  • Gave me a free mini-coaching session!
  • Broke down the process of how he lives his passion … via one-on-one coaching.
  • Was very patient while I talked (a bit too much!).
  • Talked about how we live the lives others WANT us to live. <–interesting!
  • Listened as I talked about mindlessness vs. mindfulness.
  • Shared his thoughts on minimalism – getting rid of the crap (my word) in your life.
  • Forced me to virtually reach through the microphone and hug him when he said we all need to “err on the side of family.” Aaron said that relationships are the key to your success. BOOM.
  • Brought us back to “Little Aaron Walker” (aka, has he always been passionate about helping men reach their full potential and find their identity?). Short answer: NO!
  • Shared a very personal story about how he got to where he is today.
  • Stated very clearly, “your identity is in who you ARE … not in what you DO.”

More About Aaron

I have owned 8 successful businesses selling out to a Fortune 500 Company. I can help you reach heights you never dreamed possible. Im a Life and Business coach. Learn more about Aaron on Twitter.

Links Discussed In This Episode

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