Without a doubt, dude is one of my favorite words. In fact, as I’ve written about before, it’s one of my top 4 go-to words (along with awesome, pumped and love).

Ignite Salt Lake

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be selected to speak at Ignite 4 Salt Lake City. The basic premise of Ignite is this:

  • Pick a topic you are passionate about.
  • Create a presentation that is exactly 20 slides.
  • Slides automatically advance every 15 seconds.

My topic? Dude (of course). I wore a dude t-shirt. I talked about “the Dude” and “Dude Where’s My Car” and Hurley from Lost and Jeff Spicoli and the Bud Light Dude commercial. All in all, it was 5 minutes of dude. The goal of my presentation was to have some fun. I hoped to entertain a few hundred people, make them smile & laugh, and encourage them to say/write the word dude as often as possible. I think it was a success.

Like anything, I’m a big believer in things being better live and in person, but Drew Tyler of BetaLoft did a killer job of filming and editing. So, what you’ve all been waiting for … dude, the presentation.

See all presentations from Ignite 4 Salt Lake. My personal favorite’s were the Mobile App Dev RAP BATTLE by Matthias Shapiro & Jason Alderman and I’m Not a Mexican: Enchiladas, 5 de Mayo, and other stuff I wouldn’t know about by Ana Collins. As always, all presentations were better live, but you get the general idea from the videos.

I hope you enjoyed. I had fun and I think those in attendance that night did too. That’s what it’s all about, right?

A few additional “resources” for those interested:

  • My dude slide deck on Slideshare … coming soon. I’m having issues uploading to Slideshare. Sorry! I’ll update this post when I get it figured out. Also, I used a lot of in-slide transitions so the deck may look a bit funky.
  • Every “dude” reference in The Big Lebowski (note: some strong language).
  • Bud Light DUDE commercial.
  • Audio files for Baseketball (search “dude”) and Dude, Where’s My Car.
  • Hurley of Lost – all “dudes” from Season 1-5.

Enjoy. Share. Say and write dude (a ton).

DJ Waldow


Hey dude!!! Nice Presentation dude. Your love for dude is awesome... just pumped up your writing... :)

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Chris Moody
Chris Moody


Wish I could have been there dude. Funny stuff.

Dude, who won the dude shirt?

See you soon dude... good luck with the little dude (@babywaldow).

Later dude,@[email protected]
Chris Moody