I Found a $20 Bill. How I Intend To Use It.

I’ve been running a bit more lately.

We have a 3-year old and a 10-month old, which means I rarely run in the mornings. No reason to get up BEFORE them, right? However, this past Saturday, I was awake at 6:15. For whatever reason, I just could not go back to sleep. So, I nudged my wife to let her know that I was off for a quick run.

As I’ve been doing on just about every 25 or so minute run I go on, I fired up Chris Brogan’s Human Business Way podcast. More on how Chris plays into this story in just a bit.

About 17 minutes into my run, I stopped cold in my tracks as I saw something on the sidewalk. As it turns out, the “something” I saw was a nice, new, crisp $20 bill.


After picking it up, I snapped a picture of this $20 bill (see above) and, of course, posted it to Instagram … and then shared it on Facebook and Twitter. As you can see from the comments on Instagram and Twitter, several folks had some “fun” with the fact that I was now getting paid to run. A few people on Facebook suggested that I “pay it forward” by buying coffee for people in line behind me.

That $20 bill is still sitting in my pocket. Literally. As. I. Type. This. Sentence.


How I Intend To Use The $20 Bill

The reason it’s still in my pocket is mostly because I wasn’t sure what the best use of it would be. I passed a homeless person on the corner yesterday and nearly gave it to him. I thought about “paying it forward” by buying coffee for a bunch of strangers. For whatever reason, none of those options seemed … well … like the right thing to do.

Then it hit me.

On my run this afternoon, I was listening to Chris Brogan’s podcast again. When I got back home, I jumped on my laptop and read this tweet from Chris. (No, I don’t read every tweet Chris posts, but remember … he was top of mind after listening to his podcast on my run).


Honoring Students with Special Needs: A prom to love, honor and celebrate students with Special Needs and integrate them with their peers from over 65 San Diego high schools.

I began to watch the video showing highlights from last year’s A Night To Remember Prom (see below). I made it through the first 18 seconds before I hit the big pink CONTRIBUTE NOW button and donated that crisp, clean, brand new $20 bill.

There is a special place in my heart for our young people – ALL young people … no matter race, ethnicity, social-economic status or sexual orientation. It doesn’t matter if someone has special needs or is differently-abled. As cheesy as it sounds, children ARE our future.

Check out the video below and let me know if you have the same reaction that I just did.

Can’t see the video? Try watching here.

Moments before I hit publish on this blog post, they were $153 away from reaching their goal. $153. That’s it. Can you spare $1, $5, $10, $20 … or even $153 to make this a reality?


Let’s make this happen. Contribute now.

One last thing: I realize there are a lot of places to donate. I realize that many of you reading this now regularly give back to the community. If this is not the cause you want to support – for whatever reason – I’m okay with that … as long as you take the time and/or money to help others.


DJ Waldow
Waldow Social


Sometimes, I experience the same thing, but mostly, the money I've found ended up in a coffee shop. I guess it does not matter where the money to be spent as long as it does not spent on some things evil?


Good guy


Way to go DJ and they have surpassed their goal! Way to be a part of the solution.


@djwaldow DJ, You are a great person with a big heart. There is nothing I admire more.


Great way to pay it forward, love it!  I donated to the prom last week, looking forward to watching the livestream.

djwaldow moderator

@redcrew Thanks! And glad you also donated. Great cause, huh? GO BLUE!