Living Your Passion: Episode 0

Wait. Episode 0? Huh?


Hello and welcome to Episode 0 of Living Your Passion the podcast where I, DJ Waldow, chat with people who have found their passion and, well, are LIVING it.

Yup. This 7 minute, 5 second monologue is not a “real” episode. Instead, it’s my one-take recording of what inspired this podcast, what it’s all about, and more.

Living Your Passion was born shortly after I quit my job in June of 2014. I left a well-paying job that was in many ways the perfect fit for what I was good at and what I loved. The problem? It’s what I used to love.

You see, I was no longer passionate about what I spent 40+ hours of my week doing. And I’m the kind of person who needs to do what they love and love what they do.

It was time to rediscover my passion.

And while I’m at it, why not chat with folks who have found their passion? To be clear, not everyone is getting paid to do what they love, but they are doing it nonetheless.

I’m so excited to share this podcast with you. I pre-recorded several episodes and could not be more excited about the direction the podcast is already going.

If you know someone who bleeds passion (or maybe it’s you), please email me at djwaldow at gmail dot com. Oh, and if you have a connection to LeBron James, please let me know. I think he’d be a great person to talk to about his passion for basketball. #DeadSerious