Push It: Always Have Fun

Fun City

Many of my conversations end something like this:

Friend: “Have fun.”
DJ: “I always have fun.”

I usually reply that way for a few reasons. First, it’s different. The “boring” answer is “thanks.” Second – and more importantly – is that I really, truly try to always have fun. I mean, why not, right? Fun is more fun than not fun (Yeah. That makes no sense, but you get the idea).

School Can Be Fun

Last weekend the 2009 Kenan-Flagler Business School (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Executive MBA class officially wrapped up our program. We can now tell people we have an MBA. Cool, right? We spent much of the weekend working on our final team project, The Capstone (or CRAPstone as a teammate so aptly named it). Anyway, it was a tough assignment – one that attempted to bring together all of the learnings of the past 24 months into one big ol’ simulation.

For many, I think this final project was a bit of a stressful time. Not for our team. Team SiBTO (Six is Better Than One) as we named ourselves a few years ago, had fun. Yeah. Fun. I even caught some of it on my iPhone video. Push it. I mean…check it out.

4 Lessons Learned From “Push It”

I know. We should have been learning and not screwing around during our simulation. We should have been focused and disciplined. Heck. I bet if we were, Team SiBTO’s results would have been better then they were (Note: our team did not do so well). But we had fun. We bonded as a team, as individuals. We connected. We networked. A few takeaways from Salt ‘n Pepa:

  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s boring.
  2. Balance work and fun. If you can do both at the same time, even better.
  3. Laugh. Smile. Dance.
  4. Make others laugh and smile (and dance).

The Fun Challenge

Do you have fun in life? Do you do things that are “not boring?” Do you smile and laugh much of the day? Do you not take yourself too seriously? It’s September 1, 2009 (Football Season!). My challenge to you is to start having some fun at work and in life. Smile. Laugh. Be jolly. Life’s too short for the alternative.

DJ Waldow

DJ Waldow
DJ Waldow

Danny - Thanks for your comments! I *love* this quote: "If you do a good job while having fun, it will be greatly appreciated and always remembered."

Jenn (aka, my big sis) - Your story is why I have this blog. Seriously. It makes me happy when something I say, write (think?) can have a positive effect on others. In this case, the "others" were my 3 nieces and 1 nephew. They can thank me when they get older. Ha ha.

DJ [email protected]

.-= DJ Waldow´s last blog ..Push It: Always Have Fun =-.

Jennifer Altobelli
Jennifer Altobelli

Tristan, Zoe, Sage and Layla have benefitted indirectly from this post. Here is how... I slept in a bit this morning in attempt to enjoy the last few lazy mornings of summer vacation. I knew when I emerged from my bedroom that I would be faced with the aftermath of a 7, 6, 5 and 3 year old helping themselves to breakfast without supervision. The cheerios scattered on and about the breakfast bar were to be expected. The orange juice spilled across the counter, floor and chairs was not good. The OREO COOKIES open and half gone was bad! That is only scratching the surface of what I found. Under normal circumstances this would have pushed me over the edge,(if you remember correctly from our childhood - I am NOT a morning person), and the kids would have ended up very unhappy. Today, as I was about to lose it, I thought about what you had written and I was able to approach the disaster zone from a different angle and with a different perspective. I didn't say anything to them about it. I quietly cleaned it up and smiled to myself as I reallized how much fun they had had while I was sleeping.
Thanks D!

Danny Brown
Danny Brown

And you even have the perfect soundtrack to the day... nice job, guys - wish more companies had your mindsets. :)

And yes. If you can do a good job, it will be appreciated. If you do a good job while having fun, it will be greatly appreciated and always remembered.
.-= Danny Brown´s last blog ..Old Dogs, New Social Media Tricks =-.

DJ Waldow
DJ Waldow

Thanks all for your comments. You are the reason I keep blogging!

Keri: Glad that S&P will be forever tied to SiBTO
Kristen: Happy to help revive - from one person who likes to have fun to another. So...did you do it? Pants someone? Ha ha.
Sid: Wow. Thanks for your kind words. Personally (selfishly), that makes B-school all worth it to me, knowing I had a positive impact on at least one person!

DJ [email protected]

Sid Prince
Sid Prince

Great post DJ!

I'm telling you folks, as a founding member of SiBTO I gotta say - SiBTO was a fun team because DJ wouldn't have it any other way. He insisted every meeting the people he was working with must take time to laugh.

That idea and this experience made a permanent impression on me. In fact, I don't think it's too dramatic to say - having fun was one of the most coveted lessons I'm taking away from b-school (if you know me from before b-school, you know how big a deal that is), and that's in no small thanks to you bro!

So, Thank You. Tack. Dankie. ???? ??. Merci. and ?????? (right from the j-club dictionary)!

I couldn't mean it more.

.-= Sid Prince´s last blog ..Coming out to Strangers =-.

Kristen Gregory
Kristen Gregory

Dude - you've nailed it.

This is soooo true. Some of us NEED this reminder - and if so, we should write it out and stick it on our computer screens and on our fridges, etc.

This has been a mission of mine in the past, but you've helped to revive it today.

I think I'm going to go pants someone in the office for the hell of it... :)


SiBTO made the blog - yay! Great weekend and I will forever think of you five guys and our memorable two years together when I bust a move to Salt 'n Pepa -- which you know happens ALL the time. Thanks, D to the J. Have fun...