THE Definitive (Video) Guide of How to Make a Turducken


Turducken noun tur·duck·en [tur-duhk-uh n]

1. a deboned turkey that is stuffed with a deboned duck that is stuffed with a deboned chicken.

2. a Thanksgiving tradition at the Dobkin/Panaro house for the past few years.

According to Wikipedia

John Madden popularized turducken during a National Football League broadcast. While announcing for CBS Sports he displayed a turducken and began carving it. He promoted it again on Fox Sports by awarding a turducken to players on the winning team of the Thanksgiving Bowl.

A few years ago, my step-father, Dave “Doc” Panaro decided it was time to mix things up. Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey, he decided to experiment with a Turducken. (It’s unclear if Madden influenced this decision.) As the owner of Buffalo Tap Room & Grill, Doc is no stranger to the kitchen. He’s been cooking for nearly his entire adult life. However, a Turducken is not your typical meal.

A few Thanksgivings ago, in 2010, we first videoed the process. This year we decided to step up the production process a few notches and created a new video. If you watch the 2010 video first, you’ll see all of the improvements Dave has made over the past 2 years.

So, without further ado, we present …

THE Definitive (Video) Guide of How to Make a Turducken

Having trouble seeing the video? Try watching on YouTube.

This year’s Turducken was by far the best. Not only was it delicious, it’s become a really fun Thanksgiving tradition. Dave and I would love to hear what you think. Please leave your comments below!

*Note: The entire video was filmed using my iPhone 4S and edited in iMovie ’11.

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You are an awesome teacher. I am going to try this for our New Years Day Brunch. I will use zip ties to hold it together while I sew it together. Will definetly let you know how it came out.