Look Up

Look up. (and yes, I totally appreciate the irony of telling you to look up while also asking you to read this blog post) Chances are high that you've seen this "Look Up" video from April of 2014. As I type this, it has over 49 million - yes MILLION - YouTube views. If you have not yet watched … [Read more...]

Matt White on Facial Hair and Mens Grooming

I was introduced to today's guest (#41), Matt White, through a video. But this was not just any video. It was a video about Matt ... and his facial hair. The more I chatted with Matt, the more I full understood - and appreciated - his ... obsession ... with facial hair. Matt's passion (of … [Read more...]

Cierra Savatgy-King on Creating Extremely Unique Experiences That Make People Happy

Thanks to a terrible (yet effective) email introduction from my buddy, Tim Hayden, I was able to bring Cierra Savatgy-King (guest #40) on today's show. It took a "quarter-life crisis" to realize what Cierra's passion was, yet it was actually something she had been thinking about since she was … [Read more...]

Amy Rueda on Being The Voice of Change For Safe Beauty

I was introduced to today's guest (#39!), Amy Rueda, through my good friends Courtney and Bryan Kramer. We were fortunate enough to record this episode live, in the Purematter office "studio." Thanks Courtney and Bryan for the space (and the coffee!). Amy's passion: Being the voice of … [Read more...]

Delete Facebook From Your Phone … NOW.

You are addicted to social media. You don't want to admit it, but you are. You check Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram or [insert favorite social network here]) all the time. You browse Facebook while in line at Starbucks. You look at Facebook the 10 minutes before you go to bed and the … [Read more...]


My father-in-law has three speeds: slow, slower, and slowest. Over the 13+ years that I've known him, our interactions have forced me to really practice being patient. And let me be clear, I suck at being patient. I'd argue that many of us are not great at being patient. Patience is a skill. … [Read more...]

Hitha Palepu on Helping Everyone Pack Faster and Live Better

Today's guest, Hitha Paleupa (#38), is a Social Butterfly Guy email subscriber. It turns out one of my Waldow Weekly WhazzupDATES started a conversation that led to this recording. Boom! Hitha's passion: Helping everyone pack faster and live better In case you missed any of the previous … [Read more...]

Ann Handley on Ridiculously Good Writing

I've had the honor of knowing - and being friends with - today's guest (#37!) Ann Handley - for ... well ... a long time. She's smart. She's funny (proof here). She does not take herself too seriously (see #AnnIsNotImpressed). Oh, and she also happens to be one of the best writers I know … [Read more...]

Brad Kelly on Helping Others Chase Their Dreams

Some Living Your Passion guests I seek out; others somehow come to me! The latter is the case for today's guest, Brad Kelly (#36). He came to me through this tweet from Tiffany Thorton! @MOFinancial knows this better than anyone “@buffer: Join us on Wednesday to chat about living your … [Read more...]

Aaron Walker on Helping Men Reach Their Full Potential And Find Their Identity

Thanks to an email introduction from future Living Your Passion guest, Matt Miller, I was fortunate enough to chat with Aaron Walker, today's guest ... #35! Aaron reminds me a lot of me ... but WAY smarter and more seasoned. Ha! Aaron's passion: Helping men reach their full potential and … [Read more...]