Cierra Savatgy-King on Creating Extremely Unique Experiences That Make People Happy

Thanks to a terrible (yet effective) email introduction from my buddy, Tim Hayden, I was able to bring Cierra Savatgy-King (guest #40) on today’s show.


It took a “quarter-life crisis” to realize what Cierra’s passion was, yet it was actually something she had been thinking about since she was a little girl.

Cierra’s passion: creating extremely unique experiences that make people happy.

In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page.

Are you ready to learn more about Cierra’s passion for creating extremely unique experiences that make people happy?

During this episode …

  • Cierra shared her childhood passion … her long-time love for music.
  • We talked about common thread.
  • Cierra shared how she “kept her dream in a box” until she was about 25 years old.
  • Cierra talked about how she put everything on the line and put her musical career on the front burner … however, she didn’t love it. In her words, “this rocked my world.”
  • Cierra realized after putting in 2+ years of work to release a CD that she did not love the music industry. She knew she needed to change and went down the path to uncover her passion.
  • Cierra shared the process for finding – then living – her passion.
  • Cierra talked about how her boyfriend and her decided to pack up their entire house, put everything in a storage unit, and live in vacation rentals in Austin. 18 months (and 18 different house) later, they began seeing the world differently.
  • Cierra shared the details of her new venture, Reset Retreat – getting women together, get out of their comfort zone, grow, figure out what makes them happy, and more!

More About Cierra

@PigtailMedia founder-Social media for hospitality. Pop/soul singer. Lives on Airbnb & Home Away. Fan of exploring & handstands. Co-founder, @ResetRetreat. Learn more about Cierra on Twitter.

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