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Do you live to work or do you work to live? Are you passionate about what you do? DJ Waldow (that’s me!) chats with everyday people about their passion – their path to getting there and how they maintain it. Learn how you can find – and LIVE – your passion.

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Latest Episodes

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Brian Fanzo on Change

EPISODE #11 features Brian Fanzo, a dude I met on a (docked) aircraft carrier in San Diego in early 2014. Brian and I have about a zillion mutual connections (or 50). Brian's passion is … [Listen Now!]

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Heather Lauer on BACON

BACON! BACON! BACON! I mean, who doesn't like bacon? ... besides folks who don't eat it for religious reasons and those who are vegan/vegetarian - though I bet some vegetarians make an exception … [Listen Now!]

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Loren McDonald on All Things Green

8 episodes in and already I have my 2nd "McDonald" on the podcast. Crazy, I know. Today's guest, Loren McDonald, is not related to Tim McDonald (guest #3) but is the VP of Industry Relations at … [Listen Now!]