On August 2, 2011, Jay Baer published a blog post titled, Perception, Happiness, and Getting Anything You Want. The blog post included a review of Derek Sivers’ book, Anything You Want (affiliate link) as well as a short video interview.

I was so pumped after watching the interview that I immediately purchased the Sivers book.

For those who don’t know Derek Sivers, he founded CD Baby in 1998. Ten years later, he sold it for $22M, giving the proceeds to a charitable trust for music education. More about Derek here. It’s a super-quick plane read and I cannot recommend it more. In fact, it’s one of those books that everyone should read once per year (note to self).

One of the “tips” Sivers shares is that when making a Yes/No decision – business or life – there are only two choices:

HELL YEAH!!!! or no.

Sivers says that if you are not saying HELL YEAH, you should just say no. I stumbled upon this video last night when I googled “HELL YEAH” and wanted to share it with you as a reminder.

Can’t see the video? Try viewing directly on YouTube.

If you really follow this “HELL YEAH or No” approach in both life and business … I mean really follow it, I’m confident that you’ll be following a path that makes you much happier (note to self #2).

What have you said HELL YEAH to recently?


@djwaldow Great post and Sivers video. Excellent use of HELL YEAH - can immediately relate to the feeling, not just the idea.