How Many Ways To Say Thank You (Part II – Gracias)

Gracias - Flickr - hmkAs mentioned in my inaugural post – How Many Ways To Say Thank You (Part I – Thanks), this blog is all about people. No better way to kick of this new blog then to publicly recognize (and thank) those who have been integral on my recent path to Director of Community at Blue Sky Factory (BSF).

Today’s post (Part II) is dedicated to those individuals whom I’ve never met in real life … but plan on before 2009 is over. Again, this list is in no way comprehensive and is in no particular order.

1. Amber Naslund – It’s hard to know where to start with Amber. The word “dude” is certainly appropriate as is the phrase “You Rock.” I can say with 100% confidence that without reading Amber’s blog, Altitude Branding, and connecting with her via email, Twitter, and over the phone, there is no way I’d be the Director of Community for Blue Sky Factory. When I first met with Greg and he asked what I wanted to do with BSF, I asked him to pull up Amber’s post on Being a Director of Community. When Greg smiled and said, “I figured you’d say that. Amber is a good friend” … I knew this was meant to be. By listening, reading, and speaking with Amber (phone, blog comments, twitter), I have not only been inspired, but also been exposed to many of the tools that will make me successful at BSF. I could write an entire blog post about Amber (hmm – maybe I will!) and how she rocks. She is #1 on my list of people to meet soon! Thanks, Amber!

2. Cori Mozilo – I first connected with Cori when I attempted to sell my home via Twitter. I can’t remember how it actually went down, but Cori seemed to be retweeting my posts quite often. To make a long story short, we moved from Twitter to IM and began a friendship from there. It turns out she lives in Rochester, NY (my hometown and the place I met my wife). Cori is one of the funniest chicks (yeah, I said chicks) that I know. She tells it how she sees it. Don’t believe me? Want to know more about Cori? (click on her name). 2 more things about Cori. First, rumor has it that her boyfriend recently popped the question. Second, she started a Facebook page that is pretty slick, Lose it By Labor Day (private). Thanks, Cori!

3. Matt Vernhout – If it were not for Matt V, my knowledge of email marketing deliverabiity would be close to nil. Matt is the first person I go to (via IM/Twitter DM) if I have a deliverability-related question. Matt always has an answer (the right one) and is always willing to help. Always. I’m not sure why we’ve never met in person. I’m working on changing that. Matt is the man. Oh yeah, he’s also the co-admin for the Email Marketers Club. Thanks, Matt!

4. Andrew KordekFormerly the Manager of Email Marketing Transformation (Transformation? Huh?) at Sears Holdings, Andrew has recently been promoted to the Director of Marketing for Monolith Software. Even though I’m pretty sure he is a ND football fan (boo), Andrew falls into that “tells it how he sees it” category. However, not only is he honest, he knows what he’s talking about. Our paths have crossed on many email list conversations, tweets, and blog comments. Hoping to meet soon – maybe even next week in Chicago. Thanks, Andrew!

Did you miss Part I?

Stay tuned for Part III next week.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

DJ Waldow