My (Not So Secret) Secrets Of How I Manage My Inbox

unreademailI love email.

(weird, I know)

I love getting emails. I love sending emails. I love using email to connect other human beings.

Email. Email. Email. Email.

I realize I’m in the minority here. Most people do not love email. Most people cringe at the thought of opening their inbox only to see hundreds of unread messages.

I’m also an “inbox zero” guy (this 58-minute video is worth every second – watch it!). I do my best to only handle an email once. I process my inbox – delete, archive, reply, and so on … quickly. I also use several tools like Nudgemail, TextExpander, Rapportive and more.

I recorded this short(ish) video + screencast to share my (not so secret) secrets of how I manage my inbox.

Can’t see the video? Try watching directly on YouTube!

Do you have tips/tricks/(not so secret) secrets to managing your inbox? Please share in the comments below – or email me a video – or both!