Mark Horvath on Fighting Homelessness

I first learned about Mark Horvath – today’s guest (#15!) – after listening to future Living Your Passion podcast guest – and past Work Talk Show guest, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone. Mark was on Kerry’s podcast, Marketing Smarts. I literally stopped mid-listen and texted Kerry, asking for an introduction.

Mark Horvath

A few emails – and weeks – later, here we are.

Mark BLEEDS passion. And, while Mark has many passions including good (and bad) marketing, pho, drumming, and fishing … his true passion is FIGHTING HOMELESSNESS.

And thanks to the work Mark is doing with InvisiblePeople.TV, he’s making a huge dent.

Mark is a storyteller … as you are about to learn.

In case you missed any of the previous episodes, you can catch them here by visiting the Living Your Passion landing page.

Are you ready to see how we can all help fight homelessness?

During this episode …

  • We learn that Mark was once living on the streets, homeless.
  • Mark talks about homeless people just being … people – just like you and me.
  • Mark shares the difference between fighting and ending homelessness (hint: He’s a realist).
  • Mark talks about how he empowers homeless people to tell their own stories.
  • Mark tells stories – a lot of stories.
  • Mark dispels a BOATLOAD of myths we all have around homelessness and homeless people in general.
  • Mark encourages us to ask homeless people what they need … instead of assuming they need money or food. Ask!
  • Mark suggests giving homeless people apartments (with support services). Stick with me on this. And watch this video.
  • Mark tells us the most expensive solution to homelessness is criminalization. The second most expensive is leaving them on the streets. Wow, right?
  • We chatted about health … a bit.

More About Mark

Just a hardly normal guy trying to navigate through an abnormal world by helping others. Media Consultant. Founder @invisiblepeople Find out more on Twitter.

Links Discussed In This Episode

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