Marla Aufmuth on Photography

I met today’s guest (#32), Marla Aufmuth, at my buddy Bryan Kramer’s TED Talk in September. Marla was the event’s photographer, of course.


Marla’s passion: PHOTOGRAPHY

She’s photographed the King of Jordan and King (LeBron) James. Oh, and Kobe Bryant, Sharon Stone, Ice Cube, and more.

Marla is amazing. Human. Real. Fun. We chatted in her loft in Northern California. So much fun!

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Are you ready to learn more about Marla’s passion for photography?

During this episode …

  • Marla shared how it was a high school class – black and white photography – that inspired her passion for … well … photography!
  • Marla (nonchalantly) mentioned how she has photographed Ice Cube, Gordon Ramsey, Sharon Stone, LeBron James, THE KING OF JORDAN, and more!
  • Marla mentioned taking pictures in Nepal (behind riot police lines). CRAZY!!!
  • Marla discussed her background as photo editor at Wired Magazine.
  • Marla talked about how she pretty much carries a camera no matter where she goes.
  • I learned quickly that Marla was NOT a sports fan. Ha!
  • Marla shared that photography will likely always be part of who she is and what she does.
  • We discussed how photography has changed/evolved thanks to everyone having cameras (see: smartphones and Instagram).
  • We talked about pictures vs. videos.
  • I drank a REALLY good beer.
  • We were ready to wrap up the show when Marla dropped this nugget – SHE HAS PHOTOGRAPHED LEBRON JAMES … my dream guest for this show.
  • We carried on with the name-drops – Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant, Sharon Stone, and more – in the #NotSoSecretSecret portion of the show.

More About Marla

Marla Aufmuth is a portrait and corporate lifestyle photographer working with advertising, editorial, and corporate clients. Learn more about Marla on LinkedIn.

Links Discussed In This Episode

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