Nate Bagley on Love

Episode 2. Boom.

Nate Bagley

It only took 2 episodes to get a 30-year old, single Mormon living in Salt Lake City, Utah to talk about his passion: Love (of course).

(Miss Episode #1? No worries. Catch Jeff Sheldon on Designing Physical Products here.)

I met Nate Bagley in 2010 when we were living in the 801 (Salt Lake City). We were connected via social media and even sat on a panel together at a University of Utah Business School event … talking about social media. We’ve stayed in touch over the years via social media* (since my family and I moved to California 2 years ago).

*See? Social media can be a great connector!

I was thrilled to learn about Nate’s Loveumentary project and – as the title of the post and the image on the right indicate – his passion: LOVE.

During this episode …

  • Nate talks about what he learned on his cross-country journey to find the “true meaning of love.”
  • Nate tells us about the “voice in his head.”
  • I (again) share that this podcast is helping me uncover what my passion is – Ha!
  • Nate shares some details about how he was able to quit his job and live for months on not a lot of money! (days when he hit $0 in his bank account)
  • Nate talks about the “key to happiness” in LIFE!
  • Nate discloses that he is not REALLY an expert on love … instead, an anti-expert.

More About Nate

According to Nate “BigBags” Bagley’s Twitter bio, he’s a … Mover. Shaker. Decision maker. Fighter. Writer. Making your day brighter. Creator of @Loveumentary, CEO of @unboxlove, and giver of hugs.

Links Discussed In This Episode

  1. The Loveumentary
  2. Nate’s (successful) Kickstarter campaign: America, In Love.
  3. Connect with Nate on social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
  4. Unbox Love

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