The 28-Day Challenge

I’m somebody who needs a challenge. I need a goal, something to aim for. I believe very strongly that if you set your mind to something – and stick with it, see it through – you can accomplish most anything.

So, starting on Saturday (2 days from now), I will start my own 28-day challenge:

100 push-ups every other day & 250 crunches every day for 4 weeks.

Strormtrooper Pushups

Some Questions, Some Answers.

The first obvious question is why? Why 28 days? Why push-ups & crunches? Why Saturday?

The reason I’m doing this is to get in shape. I’m 35 – certainly not old, but not getting any younger. I was training for the Odgen (Utah) Marathon, but ended up hurting my knee. I was bummed as I had trained up to 15 miles. So, I need a new challenge. I need something that’s not terribly time-consuming yet will show results.

28 days should be enough time to notice a positive change. Doing 1,400 push-ups and 7,000 crunches better get me stronger. Why just 2 exercises? Sure, I could do a full body workout. I could layer in cardio (running, biking, rowing machine, etc). However, I’m not ready to commit that much time (yet). Doing 100 push-ups (every other day) and 250 crunches per day should take 10-15 minutes max.

Note: My goal at the end of the 28 days is to be able to do 100 push-ups and 250 crunches without stopping. I’m realistic enough to know that will take some time to build up to. Therefore, to start, my goal will be 100 push-ups (every other day) and 250 crunches (every day) total throughout the day. It may be 20 at a time, but I’ll get it done!

I plan on altering my diet a bit too. Nothing crazy. Nothing too formal. However, I’ll do my best to eat healthier and consume fewer calories. I’ll be tracking how many push-ups and crunches I can do at one time as well – to see progress.

Why Saturday? Why not? Seriously though, I think that too often we wait until the 1st of the month or Monday. Screw that. I’m ready now. If I wait until Monday or June 1, I’ll change my mind.

My Challenge Is Your Challenge

Do you need a challenge too? Are you ready to get in shape? Join me. Please. Let’s do this together. If you are in, please indicate so in the comments below. Feel free to keep it simple: “I’m in!” or “All in!” or “Let’s do this.”

**UPDATE**: Pick the numbers/goals that work best for you. They do not have to be the same as mine.

**UPDATE #2**: Per a suggestion, I’ll be creating a Google Doc so we can track progress, cheer each other on, talk smack, etc. Please send me an email so I can invite you (totally optional).

I’ll be updating my progress in the comments below as well as on Facebook and Twitter. If you are active on Twitter, you can follow along/join by using the #28days hashtag.

1,400 push-ups. 7,000 crunches. Who’s with me?

Image: Flickr – jin0024

DJ Waldow