Joe Casabona on Making Things on The Web

A few days after launching Living Your Passion, I received the following email: I'm currently listening to your first episode (I love Jeff's work!) and I'm really excited to add this to my shortlist of podcasts. It might be shameless self-promotion, but if you are looking for guests I'd love … [Read more...]

Pete Farmer on Giving Tools to Musicians to Express Themselves Musically

I received the following email from the wife (Kate) of today's guest (#33), Pete Farmer. I just stumbled across your website and podcast and couldn't help but think of our little business, Farmer Foot Drums, and my husband Pete Farmer. We built this business from scratch and it has been an … [Read more...]

Jess Lively on Values-Based Intentions

Re: Guests, a friend/fellow podcaster that might be a good one (or at least checking out her podcast/blog for inspiration): She’s all about living with purpose and intention. Just moved to Austin too (jealous!) That was the email I received from Sadie Cornelius in … [Read more...]

Shawn Sadowski on Helping Entrepreneurs Find Their Career Path

Another guest (#30), another person from the state of Utah (#3). I was introduced to today's Shawn Sadowski, from another friend from Salt Lake City, Kathy Dalton. Shawn's passion is similar to past guest Garin Hess ... with a twist. Shawn is passionate about helping entrepreneurs find their … [Read more...]

Paul Sokol on Keeping Youth Music Programs in Schools

Today's guest - #29 - Paul Sokol, is one of those good guys. He's a self-proclaimed "Campaign Builder Mad Scientist" at Infusionsoft. He enjoys a good beer ... and music. And when I say Paul enjoys music, that's a HUGE understatement. Paul's passion: Keeping youth music programs in schools (or … [Read more...]

Barbara Jackson on Bringing People Together (To Make Change Together)

Another international guest? YOU KNOW IT! Today's guest - #28 - is Barbara Jackson who lives in ... SWEDEN! Barbara and I connected through Twitter thanks to a Dorie Clark tweet. Dorie introduced me to past guest (#3), Tim McDonald, who has introduced me to a boatload of past Living Your … [Read more...]

Kelsey Humphreys on Unlocking Untapped Potential

Today's guest (#27), Kelsey Humphrey's searched on iTunes for "cool podcasts."* The first result returned was this one, Living Your Passion. *As you'll hear during this episode, that's not EXACTLY what she searched for, but close. Ha! Kelsey is awesome. I'm so glad we connected on both a … [Read more...]

DJ Waldow on Helping People Rediscover Their Passion

In today's "flip the mic" episode, past Living Y0ur Passion guest Ethan Beute, interviewed me! I guess that makes me guest #26. Ha! I actually "pre-released" this episode on Sunday, November 2nd -- the day before I announced my new business, my new career, my new passion -- COACH DJ. If you … [Read more...]


November 3, 2014. Today. THE DAY. COACH DJ IS LIVE! Remember that "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: November 3, 2014" blog post? Well, this is the big announcement. Ha! I was going to recap the full details her, but instead, head over to the blog post that tells it all! COACH DJ is Open For Business … [Read more...]