Tim McDonald on Connecting People with Purpose

Episode 3? Already? Yup. That’s what happens when you launch with 2.5 episodes (0, 1, and 2).

Tim McDonald

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I was super-fortunate to get Mr. Tim McDonald on the show this week. Tim is the former Director of Community at The Huffington Post and current Purveyor of Purpose at BTC Revolutions. As it turns out, I was introduced to Tim through past Work Talk Show guest – and awesome woman! – Dorie Clark. And, of course, that makes sense. Why? Well Tim’s passion is connecting people with purpose.

The power of connections.

During this episode …

  • Tim and I talk about IRL, Face-to-Face, and in person.
  • Tim explains that it’s not just passion, but instead passion with a purpose.
  • My favorite Venn Diagram of all time (and Tim’s too!)
  • Tim shares how he used organize fund raisers as a … wait for it … 6th grader!
  • Tim tells the secret to making money through connections (sort of).
  • Tim told us that it’s important to find what you can do, then find what you love in what you do.
  • Tim tells us why we need to join No Kid Hungry.

More About Tim

Builder of communities, not networks, through building relationships that ignite movements. Purveyor of Purpose at Be The Change Revolutions. Co-Founder at CreatingIs. Past Director of Community at The Huffington Post. (Learn even MORE  on LinkedIn)

Links Discussed In This Episode

  1. No Kid Hungry
  2. Connect with Tim on social media – Twitter and LinkedIn.
  3. BTC Revolutions – Be The Change Revolution!
  4. Dine Out for No Kid Hungry

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