Evan McElligott on Opening Your Mind Through Travel

Are you ready for nearly 30 minutes of a killer Irish accent? If so, Episode 18 with Evan McElligot (pronounced "Mack-Elli-gOT"), is for you. Thanks - again! - to Amanda O'Brien, for the introduction. Amanda Pants, if you'll recall, also email introduced me to another past guest, John Lee … [Read more...]

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: November 3, 2014

Now that I have your attention ... And who says titles/headlines/email subject lines don't work? Exactly 4 weeks from today, November 3, 2014, I will be announcing my next company/business/career right here on this very blog. I could not be more PUMPED about this and, if I am doing things … [Read more...]

Kerry O’Shea Gorgone on Learning About People Through Interviews (Podcasting)

Back to back podcasters on Living Your Passion? YOU KNOW IT! Earlier this week I chatted with John Lee Dumas. Today (Episode #17) is Kerry O'Shea Gorgone. Kerry is a self-proclaimed geek, baker of chocolate chip cookies, lawyer, a wife, a mom (of two adorable boys), an employee at … [Read more...]

John Lee Dumas on Inspiring Millions

It's not every day you get to chat with a dude whose podcast is "Best of iTunes 2013." Todays guest, episode #16, is the one ... the only ... John Lee Dumas. John is someone who has passion "in spades" (his words). And man does he. For those who don't know John, he's the guy who launched a … [Read more...]

Mark Horvath on Fighting Homelessness

I first learned about Mark Horvath - today's guest (#15!) - after listening to future Living Your Passion podcast guest - and past Work Talk Show guest, Kerry O'Shea Gorgone. Mark was on Kerry's podcast, Marketing Smarts. I literally stopped mid-listen and texted Kerry, asking for an … [Read more...]

Mic Johnson on People Who Are Passionate

(Lucky) Episode #13!!!! It turns out today's guest, Mic Johnson, and I first chatted years ago ... when Google Hangout first launched. But we really know each other from my good buddy in Kansas City, Mo, Archie Kangethe. As you will soon find out (once you hit "play"), Mic and I are … [Read more...]

Does Cold Calling Ever Work?

Does cold calling EVER work? No. Yes. Well ....it all depends on how it's executed, of course. Consider the following examples - both true stories. Example 1: Random Dude: "Hi. Is this Waldow, DJ?" Me: "Depends who this is." RD: "I'm calling for a globally recognized web design … [Read more...]

Ethan Beute on Connecting People With Nature

Today's guest (Episode #12), Ethan Beute, loves coffee. Ethan also loves (good) beer. Ethan also loves people. BONUS: Ethan is also a University of Michigan alum. GO BLUE. Hmmm. I love coffee, beer, and people (see my Twitter bio). In fact, I've had coffee and (good) beer with Ethan a few … [Read more...]

Impostors Syndrome: My Very Personal Story

In 2014 I successfully beat my third bout with depression. I have not shared my stories of depression with many people other than my wife - who has stuck by my side through all three - my family, and a few close friends. It was not until recently, after the Robin Williams suicide, I began to share … [Read more...]